Whole Side


Our Whole Side of salmon is approximately 1.1 kg of fresh smoked salmon.


We lightly cold smoke our salmon for 40 hours, with a blend of woods native to Scandinavia: Beech wood, Alder and Juniper, all environmentally sourced and free of any chemicals. This combination creates a light provocative flavor that matures in the mouth. Rich with tangy notes of the forest, and salty like sea water on the lips, with a rounded buttery flavour.


The Whole Side includes the Neck, Belly and Tail, for the perfect tasting experience. 


Following Scandinavian tradition, we hand slice our salmon in thick vertical cuts, like sashimi. This technique allows you to experience and taste the full depth of the salmon’s flavour.  


Serves 10-12 as a starter


Consumer Information

Ingredients: salmon [FISH] 96.5%, Salt 3.5%.

14 days shelf-life in paper packaging - 21 days shelf-life in vacuum packing - keep refrigerated store temperature +/-4°C -  although every care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain.


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