Christmas Class


In preparation to cook a festive Christmas dinner based on proprietary ingredients are more appreciated than going to the store and buy everything ready. There is no more fun to put your own twist on things.

Learning the learning basic of curing and smoking salmon and trout, will help you to experiment in your own kitchen with the cure: dry or brine, that can vary its flavour, adding citrus or spicy notes. For the smoking itself, there’s an armoury of different woods, and the intensity of their aroma can be adjusted with time and temperature

In the four hours of the course we will cover how to make Gravad lax with a mustard sauce, Ceviche of various fish and Hot Smoke Trout.

Arrival:  12.30 pm for a 13.00 am start, refreshments will be available.
Finish: around 17.00 pm with a glass of wine and eating the produce that we have accomplished to make.
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