Amid six-meter swells, crystal clear water and the wild currents of the North Atlantic Ocean, swims the king of the sea, our salmon. House of Sverre salmon are raised on a small, sustainable family run farm, just off the dramatic coastline of the Faroe Islands. They specialise in producing the highest-grade salmon for the Japanese sushi market. Farmed with the highest attention paid to fish welfare, integrity and innovation, our salmon is the finest quality in the world.


The remote location, water quality and unique current system of the Faroe Islands make for an unrivalled environment for rearing salmon. The relentless North Atlantic Drift and cold Arctic currents meet in the sea around the Islands, constantly replenishing the waters around the archipelago. It allows our salmon to grow naturally, as they would in the wild, in fast flowing, clean currents with freedom to swim, without the need for antibiotics. It leads to an adventurous salmon that behaves, looks and tastes just like its wild cousin.


Faroe Islanders have taken advantage of the exceptional natural conditions of their home, and set the global standard for sustainable fish welfare and environmental care. We're proud to be working with a supplier who places such a high value on quality, care and respect for both their fish, and the sea that they swim in.








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