House of Sverre is a traditional smokehouse in London, producing handcrafted, sustainable, cold smoked salmon.


House of Sverre is a way of life for Gunnar Lieungh, his passion for good food, thoughtful design and craftsmanship are evident in his products. 


Gunnar was born to Norwegian parents in Göteborg, and grew up by the sea in Varberg, Sweden. Aside from smoking salmon, Gunnar is a fashion designer and a passionate sailor, with nothing making him happier than the thought of being on his boat in rough seas. He is a descendant of House of Sverre's namesake: King Sverre of Norway, a founding father of Norway's rich salt-fish heritage.


Inspired by their seafaring ancestry, and a desire to rekindle a relationship with his native habitat. Gunnar set out to create outstanding smoked salmon. By combining the rich traditions and resources of Scandinavia with an innovative new approach to his product – both key components to the manifesto of the New Nordic Kitchen - House of Sverre is on a mission reintroduce consumers to real smoked salmon, one fish at a time. 



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