Craft and yet again craft. One manual operation after the other. There are no shortcuts when to produce quality smoked salmon. Salmon is a fragile commodity that one must treat with caution. All the fish is filleted by hand. Here are the sharp knives and practicing hands, not machines. Also all the bones are removed, after the fish has been smoked.


Our smoke house is a retreat, where we dedicate ourselves to bringing the best out of our salmon. The whole 6 day unique process is completed entirely by hand, approaching each fish with an appreciation for its individual subtleties. Every salmon is handcrafted to order.


We only use first class salmon. Our Salmon arrives overnight from the Faroe Islands, straight from harvesting, with an aroma of fresh sea spray! Throughout its handling our salmon, has never been frozen or treated with any chemicals. This is as fresh and natural as salmon gets.


We hand fillet our salmon, before carefully applying a 7-hour sea salt cure. The curing process takes a thorough understanding of the product to ensure that just the right amount of moisture is removed from the fish, to achieve the perfect texture for an excellent smoked salmon.



Following the cure, we gently rinse each fillet individually to remove any extra grains before fillets are hung in our kiln for a 40 hour long smoke. We use a blend of woods native to Scandinavia: Beech, Juniper and Alder, all sustainably sourced and chemical free. It's a combination that makes for a rich, smoky flavour that is undeniably Scandinavian and incredibly tasty.


We hang our salmon traditionally while smoking, which allows smoke and fresh air to circulate around the fillet for even coverage. It's a method which prevents oil and grease from getting trapped underneath the outer pellicle layer that forms on the salmon during smoking, and keeps our salmon lean and firm.


The whole process, from rearing the fish through to the end product is traditional, maintaining a heritage of Nordic salmon smoking, which has been going on in the Atlantic for centuries. We've taken that history, and brought it to the heart of London, ensuring that life in the city doesn't mean fewer chances to taste fantastic salmon.




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